Virtual RE

There are three opportunities for us to gather each week… Sunday morning’s Worship Service, Sunday’s RE Family Check-in and Wednesday’s LunchTime for All Ages.

Sunday Morning Worship | 10am
Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 430 798 926
Password: 749004
Phone number (for audio only): 646 558 8656

Sunday RE Family Check-in | Following the service
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Meeting ID: 925 3505 0793
Password: 085277

Wednesday LUNCHTIME for All Ages | 12pm
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Meeting ID: 394 784 743

Here are some ideas and activities for nurturing your own spirit and for engaging with the larger Spirit.

  • Have you caught my Weekly Grace in the Monday Parish News? If not, I’m collecting them all for you! Click the link!
  • Are you getting out in nature or wanting to get out in nature? Make it intentional with a nature journal. I’ve included one we’ve used in our house – and you can make your own! Creation is a marvelous thing! Go out and celebrate it!
  • Praying And Coloring – this is such a great activity to do quietly, with others in your family. Your finished work can be kept and held dear or sent to someone you love.
  • Our buildings are closed and we cannot gather in our familiar sanctuary. You can create your own home sanctuary! Here are some design tips and “Soul Matters” materials for engaging with and within your sacred space.

I’ve taken our curriculum and tried to build a program that can be done at home, in your own time. That said, if a group of us find something so good that we just want to talk more about it, we’ll schedule some Zoom meetings – or gather in the rainbow chairs at the church for a good chat…

  • Harry Potter and the Sacred Stories – an AMAZING podcast series that uses Harry Potter AS sacred text! HARRY POTTER FANS, YOU’LL LOVE THIS! Take it book by book! There are “trailers” on the VRE website! (Parents, preview – I haven’t listened to all of them… yet!)
  • How about D’oh, God“? The Simpsons cartoon is an unusual (and unusually cheeky) place to find religious content; but it’s there. Watch an episode and use the notes for discussion! (definitely for slightly older kids – parents, use discretion)

LunchTime for All Ages Activities to do at home: We hope you were able to join us an are glad you’d like more information about our activity OR we’re sad you couldn’t join us, but are glad you’re engaging with the activities now! Either way, we hope you enjoy the tour of the van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, looking at cloud formations, going on a nature hike with Henry David Thoreau, and going to the zoo to see all the creatures! It’s all right here.