Programs for 2021-2022

RE Calendar

The word for this year is flexREbility!
(okay, I made that word up – but you get the point)
First Parish in Lincoln’s values center the most vulnerable among us; who are our isolated elders and our unvaccinated children. You will see this reflected in how we gather on Sunday mornings and in all other ways.
Once again, our programs are designed to be…
  • Nimble – so we stay relevant and responsive to needs, schedules, and changing situations;
  • Sustaining – of our relationships with one another, we are a community who cares;
  • Nurturing – of spirit… it’s not over yet, Dear Ones; we hold you in love.


This is not a commitment to attend every single Sunday and every single event or activity!  This puts you on our mailing list and gets all the contact information and permission forms out of the way.  Then, you’ll receive word about Sunday mornings and all our other activities (movie nights, apple picking, parent classes, OWL, 9th Grade class, HS Youth Group).
Please also consider when your family will participate in the worship service.  There are several ways to do this.  SIGN UP HERE to set the altar table, ring the gathering bell, and/or lead the Covenant.  We need one family each Sunday… please sign up more than once!

Gathering Together

Sunday Morning Worship | 10am
Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 430 798 926
Password: 749004
Phone number (for audio only): 646 558 8656



Beginning this winter and continuing through the spring, we are offering “Sunday School of Magic and Mystery”!

Children in Kindergarten through 8th grade will gather in the “Great Hall” (aka the Parish House Auditorium).  Using our church community’s Covenant and Call to Ministry to ground our learning, students will engage in classes like “Care of Magical Creatures” (what is our responsibility to the creatures of the world?), “Potions” (cause and effect – mix this with that to get something new), “Herbology” (cherish the living earth!), “Astronomy” (the night sky), “Divination” (the role of prophesy and planning ahead), and more.  We will learn to battle with world issues – like poverty and homelessness – in “Defense Against the Darkness”.  We will take on the roles of “House Elves” as we learn ways to serve others.

Our classes are in-person.  We will be inside during the winter months – masks on, distancing, in a well ventilated environment.  Once the weather is nicer, we’ll meet outside as much as possible.  We request that families affirm their children have been vaccinated.  These Sundays are open to ALL!

Babies and pre-school aged children are welcome in our professionally staffed and Covid-aware nursery.


8th Grade OWL – will take place again this year,  beginning in early November and continuing through late May!  More information about dates will follow and you will be asked to confirm your registration after the parent meeting night.  We will require all participants to be vaccinated and will wear masks and distance… so space is limited.

Family Movie Nights – SIGN UP HERE to host a movie night in your backyard!  We’re hoping to have one each month (Sept, Oct, Nov/early – Apr, May, June… if Dec or Mar are warm, we’ll add ’em in!).  If you don’t have the equipment, FPL will provide the screen, projector, and a computer with a DVD slot (or connect your device to stream). You pick the day, time, and movie!  SiGN uP ToDAy!

Family Fun – You-all have the BEST ideas and get up to some really fun stuff!  SIGN UP HERE to lead a Family Fun adventure.  Hike? Apple-picking? Pumpkin picking? Hayride? These could also include a service piece… meet at Donelan’s to ask for food pantry donations? Codman clean-up day? There are lots of non-profits we can support with our time and talents!

Just for Parents/Guardians/Caregivers – There will be three family/parenting centered Adult Education offerings this church year; which will meet in the evening, in-person and via Zoom (hybrid – come on over or Zoom on in)…

  • Anti-Racist Parenting Group:  using the themes from “Anti-Racist Baby” and adapting them for parents of children of all ages, we’ll consider how we talk about race and racism with our children and share resources.  Discussion, articles, TED talks, practices, sharing… this will be what you bring to it.
  • Parents as Sex-Educators:  did you know YOU are your child’s best sex educator and body safety advocate?  Let’s talk about how to talk with our children about body parts, humans as sexual creatures, and body safety.
  • Preparing for College:  this is not “how to save” or how to guide your child into the best school for them… this goes more to the heart of the matter.  Using the book, “51 Tips for Parents of College Students”, we’ll walk through how to ease the transition from high school to college for both youth and their caring adults.  What are some things you can do a year or more ahead? How will you cope and help your child cope after drop-off?  We’ll share information, ideas, and lots of support!