Upcoming Services

May Worship Services

“A Lamp, a Lifeboat, a Ladder”
Sunday, May 3, 10am

Rumi was a 13th century Islamic mystic, scholar and poet who once said “Be a lamp, a lifeboat, or a ladder….Walk out of your house like a shepherd.” Rev. Jenny will be reflecting on Rumi and these words, trying to draw wisdom from the Islamic mystical tradition, and  as Ramadan begins and we all continue to walk forward together in these uncertain times.

Worship leader: Rev. Jenny Rankin
Deacon: Heather Ring

“What I Learned from my Mother”
Sunday, May 10, 10am

Inspired by a poem of this same name by Julia Kasdorf, we’ll celebrate those who have nurtured us in life.  We will hear from a variety of lay speakers and hopefully some of our children as well!

Worship Leader: Rev. Jenny Rankin

“On Circles and Cycles”
Sunday, May 17, 10am

In Meredith’s final sermon with us she will be reflecting on the cyclical nature of our time together this year and of this particular moment in the world. 

Worship Leader: Meredith Jeremiah

Memorial Day
Sunday, May 24, 10am

Worship led by the deacons, including Tom Risser, Heather Ring and Gus Browne.

Celebration Sunday
Sunday, May 31, 10am

Covid be hanged! We had a GREAT year in Religious Exploration! There is so much to celebrate, and we’ll find a way to do so during our Zoom worship service this Sunday. Join us to hear the voices of FPL’s youngest cohort! OUR CHILDREN!

Worship Leader: Margit Griffith