From the Minister

June 2020


Dear Friends,

Thank you.

Thank you for hanging in there.  With me and with one another during this most unusual and trying spring.

Thank you for showing up for Sunday worship. For coffee with the minister on Thursday and Time for All Ages with Margit, for committee meetings and classes and vigils and all of it.  Thank you for reaching out to each other, making phone calls and writing notes, and checking in, delivering groceries and meals.

We were weary already, with quarantine and Covid19, months of isolation, anxiety and loss, and now, we are confronted with another national crisis after the death of George Floyd, with protests sweeping our nation and around the world.  It is a lot to try and take in, absorb, reflect on, feel, figure out how to go forward, what to do, how to act.  So I’m grateful to be trying to do all that in your company. 

I’m grateful to our staff—Margit, Ian, Gert, Sarah and Meredith—for hanging in there and slogging through a tough spring. They have shown up with their whole selves, with creativity and ingenuity to meet the challenge as we moved worship, and all our programs, online. They are trying to redesign their jobs with my help and the help of the Personnel Committee.

I’m grateful to our lay leaders, the Parish Committee, the deacons, the Transition Team, the YPC, and every single taskforce and committee and small group which has carried on the work of “being church” even in these unusual times.  I feel your presence and your determination to help this community “get through” and it sustains and strengthens me.

As I said at the Annual Meeting, these are times which call out to us as a spiritual community to live out our core values, right here, right now.

I will be looking to see what emerges in the weeks and months ahead as we struggle to respond to this pandemic and also this racial justice crisis in our country. 

It will not be easy.  It will take courage, truth telling, vision, humility and long-term fortitude, not “flash in the pan” enthusiasm.  I trust you have what it takes.  It will also take a rigorous attentiveness to self-care so we don’t burn out and drop by the wayside.

I’m looking forward to a rest this summer, I’ll be honest. Clergy are usually tired by June but this year, more than ever.  And I’m looking forward to taking up the challenge of ministry with you in these days, come mid-August.

I’ll be on vacation July 1-Aug 15; I’ll be “local,” (surprise, surprise). No pilgrimage trek in Great Britain or class at BC, as I’d planned. Sarah K will be the pastoral care coordinator and she will alert me if there are deaths or other urgent pastoral care matters.  Stay safe, stay well, and have as restful a summer as any one of can have in these days.