RE FALL 2022
Program Guide

Children, Youth & Families

Where can children find examples of and practice kindness? How do children learn about and discuss diversity? Where can my child learn about and understand world cultures and faith traditions?

The Religious Exploration Program at First Parish in Lincoln

…is here to support you in giving your child the tools needed to engage confidently in their world. Through our programs, children have the opportunity to move from nurtured wonder through playful discovery to thoughtful understanding. Our goal is to provide a supportive environment where our children and youth have a sense of belonging and can begin to ponder life’s spiritual and moral questions.





RE Classes

At First Parish in Lincoln, children enjoy weekly exploration classes that are developmentally appropriate, engaging and fun… Ages 0–4 are cared for and play in our professionally staffed nursery – which opens at 9:45 (for drop-off prior to the service) and continues through the after-service coffee and fellowship time.

Grades K-2 engage in SPIRIT PLAY FOR SPIRIT PLAYERS. Life’s “big ideas” (respect, friendship, caring…) are thoughtfully presented through stories, crafts and playtime. Students review, produce and perform story-skits that deepen their connections with Spirit Play themes.

Grades 3-5 discover how SACRED STORIES from Hebrew and Christian traditions, found in the Bible, have shaped and still shape, our world; and how themes are reflected in the media and popular culture – including the Harry Potter and Narnia book series. 

Grades 6-7 experience the traditions of our NEIGHBORING FAITHS. Over breakfast, students discuss the practices of other faith traditions and then visit various places of worship in following weeks. 

Grade 8 students attend the Our Whole Lives (OWL) program… this is everything you wished you had learned about human anatomy and sexuality – updated to include boundary issues around social media and more of today’s teen challenges.

YES — Youth Engaged in Service

…Begins in 9th grade when students gather for informal monthly dinners to un-plug, re-connect and consider how and why do people engage in serving their communities? How do they each wish to engage? …And continues as First Parish supports high schoolers in meeting their school-required community service hours. This is a student directed, adult facilitated youth group. Students plan and participate in service trips which may include local, within-US and international destinations.