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January 7 | Slime & Super Powers! (Time for All Ages)

You are amazing. You can do (& make) anything. Each of you is so very special and bring so much to the world. After a Time for All Ages, we’ll have fun making slime and looking at all the super powers you have and can share with one another. Nursery age children are welcome to join this activity. Everyone will go home with some slime!  

January 14 | MLK’s lessons: What would your dream be? (Activity Packets)

Martin Luther King Jr. taught us many important lessons. He was the youngest person to receive a Nobel Peace Prize. He preached values of kindness, love, community, forgiveness, service, courage, etc.– values we hold close. Today, we will learn more about his work and share our own dreams for the world.

January 21 | Author Talk (Time for All Ages)

Join us today for a chat with author, Ray Shepard! He is an accomplished author, with of Runaway: The Daring Escape of Ona Judge, Now or Never: 54th Massachusetts Infantry’s War to End Slavery, and his newest book, A Long Time Coming: A Lyrical Biography of Race in America from Ona Judge to Barack Obama. We will be talking to him about his experience as an author, and his writing & what goes into creating a book.

January 28 | Cookie Baking

Today, we become bakers!  We will bake cookies while talking about the importance of kindness and serving others. After making cookies (& testing them ourselves), we will serve them to our friends down the hill at coffee hour after service.

February 4 | Winter Carnival: Yoga & Meditation

Winter Carnival is here! Come enjoy the fun! We will provide intergenerational sessions on yoga & meditation to soothe our winter souls & stretch our muscles. These are important parts of self-care and spirituality.

February 11 | Valentine Cards & Change for Change jars (Time for All Ages)

Valentine’s Day is a time to show your love and caring for others. What encouraging words can we use to comfort and lift up people we may not even know? Today, children of all ages are invited to join us to make festive valentines for our friends in need, to spread kindness and cheer to those who need it!

February 18 | No Religious Exploration (Activity Packets)

It’s President’s weekend! There is no children’s Religious Exploration or Nursery care, but we will provide fun activity packets for children who attend service today.

February 25 | No Religious Exploration (Activity Packets)

There is no children’s Religious Exploration or Nursery care, but we will provide fun activity packets for children who attend service today.

March 3 | Bread Making & Communion Lesson (TFAA)

There is nothing like the smell of freshly baked bread! It warms the kitchen and the spirit! As we bake bread today, our Minister, Kit Novotny will explain the big questions about communion. Why is it done? When do we have it? Who gets to participate? Why bread? Next week, we will share our bread as part of communion!

March 10 | Participate in Communion (with homemade bread!)

Today, we will participate in Communion in the Sanctuary. We will bring our homemade bread to share as part of the event, as we participate as well. Afterward, as part of Women’s History Month, we will have a discussion talk about important women throughout history and in the Bible.

March 17 | Women through Watercolor (TFAA)

As a continuation of last week’s discussion, we will talk about women who have made impacts on our lives. Who is important to you & what makes them so important? Is it kindness? Caring? Strength? Bravery? Some things are hard to express, but let’s paint what these heroes mean to us & how they make us feel. It may be someone you know, or someone historically or culturally important. You may even want to give your painting as a gift to show someone how special they are.

March 24Social Action Project (Families invited to join after church)

We begin outside the sanctuary for a Palm Sunday procession, then we will go up the hill. Today, we will be acting on our values that we need to care about and help our neighbors. We will begin with a social action project that will serve our immediate community and then invite parents, caregivers, and other grown-ups to join us after service in the sanctuary!

March 31 | Easter!

Join us for a festive Easter service! Afterward, we will hold an Easter Egg hunt in the field!

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