As I type, the snow has started falling and we have received the calls from the schools our kids attend… SNOW DAY Tuesday!

This year of COVID, there has been discussion about snow days and virtual learning. Some folks said, “With virtual learning, there is no need for snow days. Instead of canceling school, students and teachers can meet virtually.” Yes, true. And… I object!

A snow day is the, “pause that refreshes.” Both as a student and as a teacher, the thrill at having an unexpected day off was felt from head to toe. Not that I ever had anything in particular planned (how could I)… it just felt like relief I didn’t know I needed. I even have felt and feel this way as a parent. I expect we’ll all feel something similar when we are given the all clear to gather in person again. It’s a deep, “Woo-hoo!” from the soul.

In our beloved community, thankfully, our school administrators understand this as well. Our children, who have been asked to bend and flex to an extreme, are being allowed to experience the joy of a snow day. In big and little ways, members of our beloved community are constantly thinking of our kids – of all of us. Having in-person and virtual options for children/families to choose and maintaining the sanctity of snow days are examples. But wait, there’s more…

There’s a new ice rink in town. A grass-roots effort, blessed and supported by the Parks and Recreation Dept., provided another space for people recreate outside. The ice at Cemetery Pond has been cleared and maintained by the same family for over a decade and plays host to hockey games and skating. Denormandie Hill has been and continues to be welcoming to sledders of all ages. We enjoy conservation trails on foot, snowshoes and skis. Here at FPL, we’ve gotten creative – the Firepits for Five are just the latest example!

The ways our community has stepped up and stepped in to helping us all cope with the challenges of Covid are many and most worthy of our gratitude. This month, look for signs at the public safety building, Lincoln Station, and the library as we give thanks to the public safety officers, essential workers in all the shops in town, and the librarians.

We are so blessed to be a part of this beloved community.


(PS – If you want to know how to know how the 6th and 7th grade “Crossing Paths” youth helped create the snow day, come to my “World Religions Roundtable: Crossing Paths/Neighboring Faiths for Adults” on February 9th – if you let me know you plan to attend, I’ll send the course materials to you.)

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