Sign of spring! A phrase often repeated in our home. A phrase which engages all the senses… the smell of warming earth, the sound of peepers, the taste of rain drops on the tongue, the feel of fuzzy baby animals and buds on trees… and all the things to “spy with our eyes” – robins hopping in the yard, new crocus pushing up through leaves, people out and about after a winter inside. “Sign of spring!” is what comes out of our mouths – what our hearts are saying is “Hallelujah!”

This year, especially, with such high hopes for the Covid-19 vaccines vibrating the air around us, spring feels like an awakening. I’m not sure to what yet, but the signs are there. I hugged and kissed my mother for the first time in a year. Outdoor dining is available again (both weather-wise and safety-wise). People are gathering safely together.

There is so much buzzing around – signs of spring, anticipating an end to Covid fears, and all the activities of this community. My head and heart are too full to create a prosaic. How about a word mosaic instead? (children – of all ages – love to create “word clouds”, here’s a link if you’d like to try… – a fun activity if you’re still “visiting” grandchildren virtually!)

Happy Spring, Beloveds!

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