The 50th anniversary of Earth Day is Wednesday! Perhaps, if you were in school, you might learn a little something about how Earth Day got started. Maybe you would have a class activity together outside. Maybe you DO have a class activity about Earth Day this week, together-apart outside. Earth Day is for EVERYONE… here is some information and here are some activity ideas…

Participate and “congregate” with others!

The History of Earth Day – from

Some activity ideas

Parents – did you see this in my Friday e-blast? Looks fabulous! Begins TONIGHT!

Parenting Forward Conference – April 20, 21, 22  7:30pm – 10:30pm

Just look at this schedule of speakers!!
WOW! Seriously – worth the effort of staying up! Amazing!

Using the book Parenting Forward: How to Raise Children with Justice, Mercy, and Kindness by Cindy Wang Brandt, this conference covers a lot of ground for parenting children today. The conference considers the whole child and the whole parent.  Cost is $39.

Calling all artistic scientists and scientific artists!

Saturday, April 25th – 4:30pm  THE UNIVERSE IN VERSE!
Since 2017, The Universe in Verse has been celebrating the natural world – the science, the splendor, the mystery of it – through poetry, that lovely backdoor to consciousness, bypassing our habitual barricades of though and feeling to reveal reality afresh.

(I’m not sure of the cost – donation requested?)


(4pm on Thursday seemed to be challenging, let’s try…)

Wednesdays at 12:15pm – “bring” your lunch or just pop in!

See the Zoom info in the side panel (or below – depending on which device you use).

This week’s grace… for Earth Day…

Mother Earth, we thank you for the bounty of our table.
Mother Earth, we thank you for all the things you give us.
(go around and list your favorites)
Mother Earth, we marvel at your splendor.
(go around and list your favorites)
Mother Earth, we worry about you.
(go around and list your worries for Earth)
Mother Earth, we pledge to help you.
(go around and say something you are doing or will do)
Mother Earth, thank you for the bounty of our table. 

You may like to begin by saying the first line together, and then begin your meal. While you’re eating, you can use the other lines for a little table conversation, and end with the last line together before clearing up… there’s no reason why a grace has to be at just one time or another. If ever there’s a time to break with tradition, I guess now is it!

Extension… look at what other countries are doing or not doing to take care of Mother Earth. Some are better than others? I wonder why that might be?

Happy Earth Day, Everyone!

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