We’re marching boldly into March with just a touch of spring fever. Hey, it’s better than flu fever!

The February school break has just ended and most families are praying that the vacation week was long enough for children to get healthy; and to stop the cycle of illness that has plagued the Lincoln – and many other – schools. I’m praying that our Sunday School classes return to their robust fall numbers… when stay home sick from school, they don’t attend church (which is a good thing??). Gracious, what a winter it’s been! “Bring spring!” It’s not a particularly eloquent prayer, but it’s heartfelt and true.

Prayer is something we’ll be considering during our Worship Together service on March 8th. I was part of Reverend Traci Smith’s launch team for her new book Prayers for Faithful Families; a collection of prayers to help families find a way to include prayer in their daily lives. These days, some folks feel lost and wonder about being prayerful. How does one begin? What does it look like? What am I supposed to do? We’ll be playing with the idea of prayer on March 8th, and might answer some of these questions.

Between now and then, I hope you’ll consider your own connection to prayer. In the worship descriptions for the month (above), you may have noticed my request for folks to bring a prayer with them to church on Sunday, March 8th to be included on a prayer wall. This means you! Is it a prayer you created – share it! Is it one you found and love – please give us a reference! Is it a way you pray, or practice you follow – describe it! Are you as lost as some of us are – what’s your hurdle?

Strike up the band and let trombones sound… here comes March and prayers abound!

As R.L said so beautifully on Sunday, “Can I get an AMEN?!”


Margit Griffith

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