In 2017, Dwight Gertz and Steve Johnson led The Vision2020 exercise. Over 150 parishioners participated in a series of small discussions which explored, amongst other things, a question about Aspirations – what we wanted FPL to be in the future.

Sarah Andrysiak skillfully summarized the Aspirations articulated in 2017 (thank you, Sarah!) and the Transition Team updated them slightly to reflect several strong themes heard in our recent Values exercises.

Do these statements resonate as your Vision of First Parish in 5 – 10 years?  If not, what would you add or change?

Join us for a discussion after the service on Sunday, December 6th for a reaffirmation of our Aspirations; building our Vision.  Or send an email with your thoughts to

Vision2020 Aspirations

We Aspire:

To be a community that celebrates, grieves, grows, learns, and serves together.

To provide a religious and spiritual home that supports and inspires us individually and collectively, drawing from Christian and other spiritual traditions.  To be a spiritual center for people from all faiths and no faith at all.

To act upon our shared values to have a positive impact in the wider world.  To work for social, economic, and environmental justice. To form a deep and meaningful partnership and connection with those we serve.  To be a beacon of hope for our community.

To encourage our children, each other and our community to learn, seek truth, discern and act upon moral principles, and grow in spirituality. To actively engage with the wider community in our educational, musical, activist, and other programming.

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