As the Church year draws to a close, the Transition Team is devoting energy to two major efforts – Strategic Planning roundtable discussions and writing a summary report.
During the month of May, a series of small roundtables were offered to help parishioners better understand and weigh in on several possible paths toward our envisioned future.  Your level of enthusiasm and participation was so high that extra sessions needed to be scheduled. Thank you for staying engaged to the very end!
The Team will be analyzing and summarizing the opinions, ideas and messages voiced at the roundtables and will share this summary with the congregation in the fall.  Discussions will continue into the next church year.
The Transition Team is also working to capture all that we’ve learned from the many discussions, gatherings, surveys and conversations of the past three years.  We are re-reading your comments.  Revisiting our reports.  Redigesting all that you voiced, all that you shared and all that you wrote.
Reliving our journey together has been an incredibly moving experience for our team.  We have great gratitude to each of you for your willingness to reflect, share and listen.  A summary of our journey deserves to be as thoughtful and deliberate as each step along the way has been.  We think we are close to having a summary report that does justice to all your work and look forward to sharing it when it is complete.

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