Continuing to lay the groundwork for a successful search for a new settled minister, the Transition Team will be asking the congregation to participate in two surveys during the next six months.  The first one in November will address who we are as individuals in our various beliefs, while the second one to occur next April will focus more on our congregational identity and what First Parish needs from a future ministry.

We anticipate the responses from the first survey in November will help us to create a “family portrait” of who we are as individuals, each on our own spiritual journeys despite, or in addition to, our affiliation with the two denominations. In it, this survey will ask several questions about one’s own spirituality, as well as their spiritual growth and wellbeing, and of course, all responses will be strictly confidential. 

As of Sunday, November 3rd, the survey will be available online as well as in paper format. In the interest of painting as accurate a picture of the breadth of religious diversity and backgrounds as we may have, it is important to have broad participation by as many parishioners as possible.  Ministerial candidates will need and want to know who we are as a spiritual community, and it will also be very helpful to the new Search Committee in finding the right match in a new settled minister.
We encourage everyone to participate, and if anyone has questions or needs help in accessing the survey, either online or on paper, please reach out to any member of the Transition Team, and we will be glad to help.

Respectfully submitted for the Transition Team,

Ken Hurd

History & Roots: An FPL Timeline Board As part of First Parish Lincoln’s exploration of its own history, the Transition Team will invite all parishioners to contribute to an FPL Timeline Board between November 3-24. Its purpose is to support us in telling our story and will serve to:

  • remember and reflect on the past
  • honor our history
  • recognize painful events
  • celebrate joyful moments
  • tell truths about our history 
  • make what may be invisible to many visible

The Timeline Board will be in the Stearns Room, and you will have the opportunity to contribute at any time, but especially following the Sunday service. Postings can be on note cards provided in the pews, stickies provided at the board, or copies of photos, articles, postcards, etc. depending on the memory or event – whatever is meaningful to you! There will also be table space for objects from the Religious Education program and for any other physical items that cannot be posted on the board (articles, books, artwork, etc). 

Several markers will already be on the board, including our early formation as a church and ministers’ tenures. More recent markers will include events that the Shared Ministry Review and Transition Team have organized over the past two years. These will show the work FPL has already done to purposefully remember and process the past as we work towards our future.  

In addition, the Transition Team will host Teas in November for seniors who live at residential communities and who have difficulty getting to FPL. (We’ll be reaching out to individuals with specific dates.) We will encourage them to contribute as well to the Timeline by sending us their memories.  

This promises to be a rich and engaging activity and will surely reveal some surprises! What will you post?? We look forward to seeing what you come up with, and many thanks in advance.

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