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Town of Lincoln
COVID Vaccination Planning
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
January 28, 2021

  • Will the Town of Lincoln be holding vaccination clinics?
    • It is the Town’s plan to host clinics. It will be contingent on the availability of vaccines from Mass DPH. Please continue reading for more information.
  • When will I be able to be vaccinated?
    • The State has established rollout priorities. Phase 1 includes primarily healthcare workers, first responders, and other “COVID facing” individuals. Phase 2, in order of priority, begins with individuals age 75+, followed by aged 65+ and those with 2+ comorbidities, followed by schoolteachers, grocery, utility, food and agricultural workers, sanitation, public works and public health, followed by individuals with one comorbidity. This ranking is subject to change. For a complete, up-to-date list of rollout priorities, please visit
    • The state has established timeframes for vaccinating various categories. Phase 2 begins on February 1 and continues to April when Phase 3 is scheduled to begin. The Town must follow these timeframes and the order of priority rollout when hosting vaccine clinics.
  • Tell me more about the Town-sponsored clinics you are planning.
    • The Town’s Public Health Team has developed plans for hosting vaccination clinics in Lincoln.
    • Our plans ensure that the necessary clinical, administrative, and logistical support will be in place so that we can efficiently schedule vaccination clinics as soon as we receive vaccine from the State.
    • Recently, the State advised all cities and towns that there will be a cap of 100 doses per week of vaccine that will be made available to local boards of health. The State’s rollout plan currently envisions that the bulk of vaccinations will be administered at large, regional vaccination centers.
    • In response to the 100-dose weekly restriction, the Town is now planning to:
      • host a weekly Thursday vaccination clinic, beginning on February 11th, provided the Town is supplied with vaccine.
      • run a clinic that will be open for several hours each Thursday.
      • create a town-staffed call center where residents who meet the Phase 2 rolling eligibility criteria will register for the clinics, or self-register via a link we will provide. The details, including the phone numbers, will be made available shortly.
      • Our goal is to register residents for their initial vaccine and the second vaccine at the same time.  Slots will be scheduled on a first come basis in chronological time blocks – there will be no ability to customize or accommodate individual schedules.
  • What vaccine will the Town be administering?
    • The Town of Lincoln will be giving the Moderna vaccine.
  • What information will I need to provide?
    • At the time of registration, our town staff will ask residents for demographic and insurance data. You will also be asked a screening questionnaire.
  • Will I need to have access to a computer or know how to use one?
    • No, the Town will have a staffed call center where residents who meet the rolling eligibility Phase 2 criteria will be registered via phone for the clinics. The details, including the phone numbers, will be made available shortly. Registration will be done initially by phone to ensure that residents without access to computer have equal access to clinic registration.
  • Can transportation be arranged if I am physically unable to get myself to an in-town or out of town clinic?
    • If you are physically unable to get to an appointment for a scheduled vaccine and are unable to arrange any other transportation option for yourself, please call the Council on Aging at 781-259-8811 or email The Council on Aging will do its best to assist you.
  • Who can I speak with locally if I have questions or concerns?
    • The Council on Aging is hosting a “Chat with a Nurse” on February 9th at 11AM via Zoom. We will record the chat and post the recording both on the COA website and LincolnTalk if you are unable to attend. You do not need to have a computer to participate. Here is the information if you wish to participate:


To join by computer:

Meeting ID: 991 6255 7394

Passcode: 606758

To join by phone:

Phone number: 1-301-715-8592

Meeting ID: 991 6255 7394

Prepared By The Lincoln Public Health Team

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