The Parish House Auditorium

The Auditorium was originally the Sanctuary when the Parish House was the Congregational Church. It has retained much of the original architecture from that time, including the stained-glass windows and a pipe organ at the rear of the room. The Auditorium has a stage and a linoleum floor. Without a dance floor or side tables, the room will accommodate eleven round tables of eight-to-ten chairs. With a small dance floor and no side tables, the Auditorium will hold about 8 round tables of 8 -10 chairs. The room will hold about 150 chairs for meetings or presentations. The space houses a piano which may be moved to any part of the room but cannot be rolled into the adjoining space.


approximately 150


microphones, a projector and screen can be made available.

Special Notes

use of the piano needs to be coordinated with the Music Director.

for more details, fee schedules and information for Live events please refer to the side-panel.