As most of you know, FPL has 3 special offerings – Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter – where our focus is an immediate need or a crisis situation – it might be here in Lincoln, or in a nearby community like Waltham or a need in the international community. Last year we focused locally on housing assistance, food stability and healthcare for women and children. Our congregation gave generously. Thank you.

This year our Thanksgiving Offering will be directed to Dignity in Asylum – a small, well run non profit based in Concord that is responding to the Afghani refugee crisis by providing safe housing and community support to a family of 4 as they get established here in the Boston area. Dignity in Asylum is already familiar to and supported by Outreach as well as organizations familiar to us – First Parish in Concord, Furniture Warehouse and the Food Bank – the last two non profits have received funds from FPL Outreach – now they are giving back.

Supporting the Afghan crisis was suggested by many in this congregation – we had leads on viable organizations but realized quickly that we needed to do more research on refugee resettlement before we could commit resources and volunteers. Fortuitously Outreach has been supporting Dignity in Asylum for several years and we learned recently they are involved in Afghani resettlement in a small but meaningful way. Supporting Dignity in Asylum and this family of 4 with our Thanksgiving Offering is a first step. Next week we will tell you how FPL can provide meaningful hospitality, care and love to support this family transition to their new life here in the US.

Please send your donation to the FPL office at 14 Bedford Road with your check marked Thanksgiving Offering. You can also CLICK HERE and make your donation under Special Offerings.  Thank you.

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