Fee Schedule for Private Services


Room Capacity Rate for 4-hour block Additional hours
Sanctuary 197 $ 350* $ 60/h
Stearns Room 60 $ 260 $ 50/h
Pantry $ 50 $ 10/h
Parish House Auditorium 150 $ 260 $ 50/h
Parish House Kitchen $ 75 $ 15/h
Donaldson Room 40 $ 180 $40/h
Meeting Rooms 6 – 12 $ 100 $ 35/h

*fee will be waived for pledging members.



First Parish Minister $ 600 payable to officiating minister
First Parish Ministry Associate $ 500  payable to Sarah Klockowski


includes 30-minute initial consultation. There will be an additional fee for consultation beyond the initial 30 minutes. 

First Parish Organist payable to Miranda Loud
Memorial Service $ 350
Bench Fee for Guest Musician $ 200


please include with check to First Parish

4-hour minimum for service only $ 100 $ 150 Sunday & Holidays
6-hour minimum for service & reception $ 150 $ 225 Sunday & Holidays

Live Stream & Recording

please request information and contact David Eric to determine scope and fee for his services.

Order of Worship, optional

please keep in mind that the order of worship if produced in the First Parish office is limited to a booklet of legal-size paper folded in half. 


Order of Worship $100 payable to Silvia Dieckow


All costs associated with a reception, including but not limited to catering, paper products, beverages are the sole responsibility of the person or family holding the reception.

The Lincoln Police Department will invoice you directly for the detail officer following the service.

Please pay all fees at the time of registration. Personnel checks should be made out in the individual’s name. Sexton and facility fees can be totaled and check made out to First Parish in Lincoln.