In light of the significant decrease in COVID-19 cases in our community, the suspension of Commonwealth of Massachusetts COVID restrictions, and the relaxation of related CDC recommendations, the Reopening Task Force recommends opening First Parish Buildings for use by interested groups, with the following provisos:
  1. When all members of the group are vaccinated, there is no need to wear masks or social distance.
  2. When some members of the group are not fully vaccinated, unvaccinated persons should continue to wear masks and socially distance; vaccinated person do not need to take any further precautions.
  3. Groups should take care to insure that these protocols do not result in the exclusion of any members from the group activity, and should take steps to assure the inclusion of all.
  4. If any member of the group requests that masks be worn or parties socially distance during the activity, the group should defer to that request. Concerned parties may, if they choose, communicate that wish anonymously to  Silvia Dieckow, who will report it to the group leader.
  5. As before, parties not affiliated with First Parish Lincoln may use the church buildings on occasion; they are expected to adhere to CDC guidelines in those situations.
  6. All parties interested in using church buildings should reserve with Silvia ahead of time.

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