What to Expect on Sunday Mornings
in Worship and in Religious Education
Starting November 7, 2021

Beginning November 7th we will no longer have outdoor/indoor worship. We will be completely indoors in the sanctuary for adults, and RE will be up the hill. Families and unvaccinated children who want to join worship are welcome to use the Stearns Room to watch the service on the TV.

Before the service

  • Please be sure to sign up ahead of time for in person attendance. Space is limited, and the sign up will close at noon on Friday. CLICK HERE to register for this Sunday!
  • Religious Education (RE) teachers will begin to arrive at 9:30am to set up the classrooms and prepare for welcoming children.
  • Please try to arrive by 9:45 to check-in, get your nametag and find your seat! Families with children who will attend RE may check-in your child in the Stearns Room or in the Parish House beginning at 9:45am.
  • After you have checked in you may enter the sanctuary and a deacon will help you find a seat.
  • Couples, families and “Covid pods” (small groups of people who have chosen to interact closely during the pandemic) can sit as close together as comfortable; otherwise we ask that you make an effort to keep about a six foot distance from others while indoors.

During the service

  • At 10:00 am we will begin our service! People will be joining us from three places: the Sanctuary pews; online on Zoom; and families with unvaccinated children who are not in RE are welcome to continue in worship from the Stearns Room.
  • Everyone indoors must be masked! Please make sure your mask is fully covering your nose and mouth and is fitted to your face. We expect that everyone ages 5 and up attending worship in the Sanctuary at FPL is vaccinated.
  • There will be no communal hymn singing in worship. Our music will be done by instrumentalists, soloists and small groups. We eagerly await when our full choir can return to singing indoors on Sunday mornings. For the time being we may have up to 4 members of the choir sing in the choir loft (masked and distanced) starting on November 7th.
  • Religious Education classes will continue outdoors as long as weather is over 40 degrees and/or with little to no precipitation. Once 5–11-year-olds have had time to begin or complete the vaccination process, RE will begin to move indoors more regularly. The nursery is open to infants through Pre-K children.

After the service

  • Parents and guardians should pick up their children from their RE class spaces (either indoors or outdoors) by 11:30am.
  • If you remain after the service to chat with others, please maintain social distance if indoors.

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