By Sarah Cannon Holden

”It was a truly powerful experience to share with all of you.  I feel as if my mind has been blown open to an entirely new page (pages) in our history.  I think of the history I did not learn in school, and the racism that such omission confirms.  And today that history continues to play itself out – the super rich seeking more wealth and control as the workers of all backgrounds toil to dig the coal, drill for oil, man the assembly lines, drive the semis – and struggle to survive.  The cycle continues.  And Congress seems to have more interest in itself than in doing the business of and for the people.  The issues are so complex, the wrongs so extreme.  Can we move forward without understanding our past?  Can we move forward carrying our past?

I struggle and am grateful to be a part of a community that is trying to unpack and face our history.”

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