Notes from the November 2019 Meeting

The Parish Committee met on November 20, 2019. Members in attendance: Nick Covino (Chair), Chris Andrysiak, Priscilla Damon, Dwight Gertz, Carrie Marotta, Tim, Moynihan, R.L. Smith, Jeani Welsh; Ray Shepherd. Ex officio: John Krzywicki (Treasurer), Jenny Rankin (Interim Minister), Peter Watkinson (Clerk)

Staff and Guests: Gert McDermott (Administrator), Gina Halstead, Chris Hamilton, Becca Fasciano, Ken Hurd, Kathy Huber(Transition Team), Sarah Klockowski (Adult Programming/Communications)


The Parish Committee voted to approve the expenditure of $34,000 from the Capital Budget to further the projects proposed by the Facilities Committee.  These projects include: Paving parking lot and fixing the sink hole — $22,000; Retain landscape design firm for the playground — $4,000; Repair Parish House bathrooms — $5,000; and to Install changing tables in bathrooms  — $2,000 to $3,000

Mr. Ray Shepherd was recommended by the Nominating Committee to fill an open seat on the PC and was welcomed with enthusiasm.

The PC is often asked to approve small amounts of money for special projects. The Parish Committee voted to appropriate up to $1,000 of the $7,500 in the special project funds to be spent on operations issues as the Treasurer sees fit.

Discussion with Transition Team:

The Transition Team met again with the PC to solicit the groups’ thoughts about what should be on the TT’s radar screen this year. Several items were stressed: 1. The importance of knowing more about the needs and ideas of ‘neighbors’ who are not traditional members of FPL such as those at Hanscom AFB and Lincoln Woods.
2. Identifying what members want from the hour that we come together on Sundays.
3. Clarifying what people are willing to invest in the church (emotionally, temporally, financially)
4. What do we want to spend on Outreach and how?
5. How does the church want to use its financial resources and assets?
6. What will it take to increase membership, especially regarding the next generations?
7. What doe we want from the next Settled Minister? 

Discussion of Community Engagement:

At the October Church Council Meeting (Chairs of existing committees) two ideas emerged around building membership: Connecting more effectively to members who have separated from the church; and creating greater organization and strategy to ‘market’ programs to the greater Lincoln Community.  Sarak Klockowski reported on her efforts to both identify needs, especially around Youth and Family Programs as well as her materials that will advertise upcoming events in the new year.  Sarah understands her role to both lend organization and structure to the current programs and to continue to link the church with issues of importance to Lincoln.  Sarah agreed to review church policy about the use/rental of space to see if it can be practically revised to increase connection with the town. The Welcoming Community recommended that members, especially those in church leadership, invite a friend to services. 

Report of the Treasurer:                         

John Krzywicki reports that the financial situation of the church is as expected. A financial modelling project of the Finance Committeewill be available in January to begin discussions on the operating budget.

Minister’s Report:

All staff retreat in October.  Everyone thought attendance was down, but it actually is a little bit up.  Jenny/Meredith ran a three-hour Deacon’s retreat that was appreciated. The Personnel Committee will create a ‘charge’ for a Pastor/Parish Advisory Committee that was recommended by the SMR

Governance Task Force:

This group is writing up sections of the FPL owner’s manual to be available in January.  Some sections will require additional discussion to close them. There will be a need to address: Membership Criteria, Process and Responsibilities; 2) Leadershipand Roles for the Minister. 3)  Handling of Operations Issues; and 4) How and who handles conflict resolution.

Selecting the Settled Minister Search Committee:

The process for selecting this committee will be helped by a Survey Monkey Poll. This process will be reviewed in greater detail but it will involve Parish selection of 4 Committee members and PC appointment of 3 to complement the elected group. This process will be discussed in greater detail at the next meeting. 

Jeani is looking for a chair/co-chairs to run the Student Minister Search Committee.


Nick Covino for the Parish Committee

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