As stated in the News Brief notice last week, church buildings are closed and staff are all working remotely until April 1st. Here is an update on what “Office & Operations” will look like during this time: 

Office:  I (Gert) will be taking advantage of not having to work around morning rush hour and begin my “office” days earlier here at home. While I will be checking and responding to email fairly regularly and attending on-line meetings as necessary, the best times to get a quick response from me will be from 8 a.m. to 12 noon, Monday through Friday – I will also check in for voicemail messages at least once during these hours – 781-259-8118 ext. 110. The coming week will be focused on financial and pledge campaign tasks, and the following two weeks will be partly dedicated to preparations for transitioning my responsibilities to a new staff member.  

Finances:  I have taken home everything needed to continue getting the bills and the staff paid. I will also be making a weekly trip to the Lincoln Post Office to pick up mail, and will visit the church’s bank on my way into town to deposit the checks received during the previous week. This will ensure there are no interruptions in the church’s financial activities. 

Donations: If you normally pay your pledge with checks in the plate, please consider giving online using a credit card or by requesting an electronic fund transfer from your bank account. The link to make a donation can be found on our website – Alternatively, if you pay your other bills on-line through your bank’s bill-pay service, simply add the church as one of your “Billers” and have them send us a check on your behalf. If you choose to use either of these methods, they have the option of setting-up recurring monthly payments towards your pledge. If you prefer to send us a check in the mail, then rest assured that it will be retrieved from the Post Office and safely deposited into the church’s account.

Pledges for FY21: I will be logging in pledges for our Generous Giving Committee and providing them with weekly updates on our progress towards the goal. If you have not yet sent your pledge card in, please consider making your pledge on our website to get it counted sooner – If you prefer to mail your card in, then I will retrieve it at the Post Office along with the rest of the mail on a weekly basis.

Facilities: As of 12 noon on Saturday, March 14, the last of the staff members cleared out of the Parish House. Soon after our cleaning company came in and did one final cleaning of the buildings, including sanitizing all “touch items” (door knobs, cabinet handles, faucets, etc.), removed all trash, and sanitized restroom fixtures as part of their regular service. As the Parish Committee voted that the buildings will remain closed with no access until April 1st, there will be no further cleanings until we prepare to re-open. The Lincoln Police and Fire Departments will have access to the buildings should there be an emergency. If any other members or staff feel there is an urgent need to access the buildings, please reach out to me and we can discuss alternative solutions. If a way to address the need without entering the buildings cannot be found, we can arrange for emergency access. If any emergency access occurs, I will be maintaining a log in the event local health officials need to track any Covid 19 cases that may occur within the Lincoln community.  

Thank you for your patience as we all find new ways to stay connected and carry on during the coming weeks!  

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