Nominating Committee Slate

The Nominating Committee is pleased to present the following slate of members to be elected at the Annual Meeting of our church on Tuesday, June 4, 2019.


Moderator 1 year Barbara Sampson
Treasurer 1 year John Kryzwicki
Assistant Treasurer 1 year Mary Briggs
Clerk 1 year Peter Watkinson

Board of Deacons

Member 3 years Gus Browne
Member 3 years Heather Ring
Member 3 years Tom Risser
Member 1 year Andy Clark
Chair person 1 year Deanna Laferriere

Parish Committee

Member 3 years Priscilla Damon
Member 3 years Dwight Gertz
Member 3 years Karin Levy
Chair person 1 year Nick Covino

Nominating Committee

Member 1 year Tom DeNormandie
Member 1 year Alexis Jette Borggaard
Member 1 year Sylvia Perry
Member 1 year Barbara Sampson
Member 1 year Ray Shepard

(Note: Elected members in mid-term are not up for re-election; their names are not included above.)

Submitted by the Nominating Committee: Tom DeNormandie, Alexis Jette Borggaard, Sylvia Perry, Ray Shepard and Barbara Sampson

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