The Nominating Committee is pleased to present the following slate of members to be elected at the Annual Meeting of our church on Tuesday, June 2, 2020.


Moderator                             1 year             Barbara Sampson

Treasurer                              1 year             John Kryzwicki

Assistant Treasurer              1 year             Mary Briggs

Clerk                                       1 year             Sylvia Perry

Board of Deacons

Member                                  3 years            Sarah Bishop

Member                                  3 years            Doug Crosby

Member                                  3  years           James DeNormandie

Member                                  2 years            Andy Clark

Chair person                          1 year             Paula Waterman

Parish Committee

Member                                  3 years            Nick Covino

Member                                  3 years            Jessica Packineau

Member                                  3 years            Jean Welsh

Member                                  2 years            Jane O’Rouke

Member                                  2 years            Pete Hussey

Chair person                          1 year             Nick Covino

Nominating Committee

Member                                  1 year             Linn Elmes

Member                                  1 year             Jennie Morris

Member                                  1 year             Joe Robbat

Member                                  1 year             Ray Shepard

Chair person                          1 year             Tom DeNormandie

Additional nominations may be made by any two members of the church; the nominee must be a member of the church and assent to the nomination.  Such nominations must be received by the Nominating Committee not later than Monday, May 18, which is 15 days before the Annual Meeting.    (Note:  Current members in mid-term are not up for re-election; their names will be included in the Annual Report, but are not included above.)

Submitted by the Nominating Committee:  Tom DeNormandie, Alexis Jette Borggaard, Sylvia Perry, Ray Shepard and Barbara Sampson

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