Each year our Nominating Committee prepares a slate of Officers, Deacons and Parish Committee members to bring before the Annual Meeting of our Congregation for its vote.   We welcome and encourage your participation.  Would you like to serve as a Deacon or Parish Committee member or as an Officer?  Do you have thoughts/recommendations for these positions?

Officers serve a one-year renewable term.  Positions are: Moderator, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer and Clerk.

Parish Committee:  Our By-Laws state, “The Parish Committee shall have the general control and management of all the affairs of the church except such as are otherwise specifically allocated…”  (In short:  policy, programs, planning, personnel, property and the purse.)  This is a 9-person committee whose members serve one or two three-year terms.

Deacons:  Our By-Laws state, “The Deacons shall cooperate with the ministers in serving the spiritual interests of the church and community. …”   The Deacons assure that our Sunday mornings fulfill our spiritual mission and function smoothly.  They act as liaisons between congregants and the minister and lead our Solstice, Lenten Booklet and New Members Welcome. This is a 9- or 10-person committee whose members serve one or two three-year terms.

Please be in touch with any one of us if you would like to learn more, volunteer or suggest candidates.  There are usually a few openings in each group.

The Nominating Committee:  Tom DeNormandie, Jennie Morris, Linn Parish-Elmes, Joe Robbat and Ray Shepard.

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