Dear Friends,

Someone asked me this week what it was like to preach on Zoom, and I found myself a bit tongue-tied in trying to respond.  On the one hand, I feel it calls for a kind of simplicity and “speaking from the heart.”  On the other hand, I miss the “back and forth” connection I feel when I am speaking in the sanctuary, perhaps catch your eye, recall things you have said to me, sense almost intuitively whether what I’m saying might have a resonance with you or not.

Still, I have been quite moved to witness the faithfulness of this community in simply SHOWING UP for each other this fall.  Yes, on Sundays at Zoom worship, but also for small groups, classes on Zoom, weekly walks, families taking part in outside activities, and simple gestures like phone calls and notes.  I knew that you really valued the sense of being part of a community because you have said that again and again, but this fall, I feel like I’m “seeing that in action,” and it is moving.

That said, I imagine many of us are feeling “COVID fatigue,” and we have concerns as we head into the colder winter months.  I hear that.  We know there aren’t magical fixes but only the slow and steady daily practice of trying to “show up,” to be present, to one another, to our deepest self, and to the Infinite or whatever name you give life’s greatest mysteries.

As always, I love to hear from you so send me an email at  I’ve been getting around to make some outside visits and I’d be happy to do that, although perhaps they will get briefer as the winter weather comes on.  Still, as one of you said to me this past week, we are “flinty” New Englanders, and I’m sure we’ll find new ways to bundle up and get outside as best we can in the days and weeks ahead.

I feel grateful to be able to be with you as your minister during this time.  Thank you for showing up for me and for each other.


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