Dear Friends:


Last week the Parish Committee voted to extend my contract so I will be with you for another 2 years.  I am honored by this invitation and also challenged.  It’s quite a time for us to be walking together, isn’t it?


I feel grateful, and some days, I admit, I hope I’m up to the task.  But that’s common I think for all of us in this strange time.  We do the best we can, trying to take each day as it comes, noticing the small things, sinking into ordinary moments, trying to love each other and figure out a way, even if it’s small, to help and be a blessing to the wider world.


We’ve been working together, you and I, as you’ve tried to articulate your identity and core values.  Well, now, I think we are at the place where the “rubber hits the road.”  COVID19 is forcing you, me, all of us to stop talking and starting living out those values.


Who are we and how are we going to show up in this world? How are we going to collaborate and co-create the new world that will come into being, hopefully one of less inequity and more justice.


I’ll talk a bit more about this on Sunday, but for now, be well and stay in touch.  It’s good to be with you.



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