Dear Friends,

It is hard to believe we are nearing the edge of summer, and we have survived this long Covid year together! I am so grateful for your presence and participation in the life of this community this year.

It has been extraordinary for me to watch you show up for each other, for me, for the staff, in so many different and various ways: on Zoom for worship or classes, in person for Meditation Hikes or family pumpkin picking or Candlelight Walk Through of sanctuary!  We are still “emerging” and will be for some time to come, but I think I’ve seen in you a lightness of spirit in these past few weeks, and I feel that as well.  As we reach the month of June, I feel a sense of energy in the community as the Search Committee is about to begin its work, with the strong stewardship results, with staff morale being good despite a very trying year, and with your continued engagement with conversations, committee meetings, and worship.  I hope you feel this energy too.

As always, we look forward to the rest and restoration that summer brings.  This year, the deacons (with minister consultation) have decided to offer three worship services (last summer, as you know, the deacons managed to offer worship on Zoom each and every week, a rare and wonderful offering in the middle of Covid).  Some committee work will continue (and the Search Committee will begin!), and some committees and small groups will take a break.

Read on for the the dates of staff/minister vacations.  While I am away on vacation, Sarah K will be on call for pastoral care.  She will know how to reach me, and I will encourage her to do that should the need arise.

I will not be travelling far afield but expect to get some good down time, at home with my garden and books, at the seashore and on some trails. I’ll also be completing my third and final year of a “spirituality certificate” class at Boston College.

I will be available for one-on-one meetings during the month of June (until July 1) so please let me know if you’d like to schedule one at your home or in person, outside, on the lovely patio behind the Stearns Room (just email me at

In faith,

Summer Schedules

Although some of our programs will on a “pause” this summer to give our hardworking lay leaders and staff a chance for some “sabbath time,” there are still some things that will continue!

We will have 3 worship services, one each month, you can find the dates and leaders listed below.  Some small groups and committees will be meeting; others will not.  Meditation will continue on Tuesdays at 4 throughout the summer, and the newly-formed Search Committee will be up and running.

Our student minister, Sarah Klockowski will be working this summer on communications, the website, programs for next year, and our livestream project (which will enable us to broadcast our services “live” if and when we are able to return to in-person worship in the sanctuary).  She’ll also be researching the new forms that church and ministry may take in the post-Covid world.  As in every other sector, church leaders and ministers are trying to figure out “key learnings” from the pandemic and how that might impact our spiritual communities going forward.  Sarah will also be available for pastoral care appointments (contact her directly at

Margit Griffith, Director of Religious Education, has some vacation time and some work time in the office.  She is deeply engaged in learning about the new and creative forms faith formation may take for families and children in the post-pandemic world.  Our church office will be open for all but two weeks of the summer, and Silvia Dieckow is available to help or answer questions (  Ian Watson’s contract runs for the regular church year only and he’ll be away doing other exciting musical things June 15-Sept 9.

Staff Summer Schedules
Rev. Jenny Rankin, Interim Minister
On vacation July 1-Sept 1 with two weeks in “class,” completing the Boston College spirituality certificate program.
Sarah Klockowski, Ministerial Intern
Working during the summer; on vacation June 16-22, and August 4-17.  During Sarah’s vacation weeks, Jenny will be on call for pastoral care.
Ian Watson, Music Director
On vacation June 15-Sept 9
Margit Griffith, Director of Religious Education
Working during summer, on vacation July 3-11, August 23-27

Parish Office Hours
Silvia will be working Monday to Friday, 8 to 3 pm as usual, but she will be working from home on Fridays.  Thus, the office in the Parish House at 14 Bedford Road will be open 8 to 3 pm Monday-Thursday from 7/1 to 9/6/2021.

Summer Worship 2021
After considerable discussion, the ministers and deacons have decided to offer three services during summer.  The dates and Worship Leaders are:
  • June 27th, Paula Waterman
  • July 25th, Sarah Klockowski
  • August 22nd, Gus Browne

Each service will be held on Zoom. Worship summaries and the link to attend will be sent out in a Summer News Brief the Thursday prior to the service.

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