The Search Committee thanks all 133 members, friends and staff of First Parish who participated in our survey this fall. We especially appreciated all the notes of encouragement we received at the end of the survey!

We’re in the midst of reviewing the results from all 36 questions in detail and preparing a full report for our ministerial candidates, but we wanted to share a few tantalizing highlights for you.  They point to a long and deep appreciation for our community and the people in it, as well as faith in the leadership of the church.  While they have helped clarify priorities, they also point to challenges ahead in finding a minister to meet our many high, and sometimes differing, expectations for sermons, pastoral care, support for young families and leadership for living our covenant and call to ministry.  We’ve learned a lot about ourselves in the last few years, too – that we don’t all accept change easily and need to work on having difficult conversations.

The link to the survey highlights can be found here.

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