Fill a THANKSGIVING BASKET for neighbors in need in Cambridge!

Once again this year, Solutions At Work (SAW) has invited FPL to help them with their Thanksgiving outreach to families facing the challenges of poverty. Last November donations from FPL members made it possible for us to fill 30reusable grocery bags with fixings to accompany turkeys donated by an area grocery. With 30 more bags donated by another church, we helped SAW bring Thanksgiving plenty to 60 families – hundreds of folks!

This year, given pandemic-related restrictions, we invite you to fill a bag with Thanksgiving fixings (turkeys have already been provided) for 4-6 people and bring it to the parking lot below the Parish House on Saturday, November 21st between 1 and 3 p.m.  With drivers and donors masked! We’ll load SUV’s, which will get your offerings directly to Solutions At Work.

What to put in your “Basket”:

Start with a large, disposable aluminum roasting pan.
Add: 1-2 bags turkey stuffing
1 can cranberry sauce
1-2 packages turkey gravy
2-4 cans of vegetables (corn, peas, green beans, black beans, etc.)
1-2 cans sweet potatoes
1 prepared pie shell
1 can pumpkin pie mix
Extras: bottled juice (plastic bottles)
Canned fruit or applesauce
Crackers or cookies
Cake, cornbread or muffin mix
Anything else you love to eat at Thanksgiving!
Pack your “basket” for transport: place items in a large reusable shopping bag.
Bring it to FPL on Saturday, November 21st! Or deliver it to Mary Gaylord’s carport at 22 Jennie Dugan Road, Concord, any time before that.

The members of the Antiracism Task Force welcome this new opportunity to be faithful to the vision of Jesus. From your overwhelming response to recent drives, we know we can count on the generosity of this community and our shared desire to help those in greatest need. Thank you!

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