V is for Visions

Dear friends,

As I’m writing this, the dust is still settling on the holidays. 3 Christmas Eve services…the resounding joy of our choir…the bubbly energy of our church’s children…reunions among the young and old…the magical stillness of the sanctuary lit by candlelight…all this is in the past somehow, until we meet it again (if we’re fortunate).

“Between Christmas and New Year,” Kenneth Steven writes, “The days are nameless; they lie lost and strange.” As we turn the page to another year, our new worship theme seeks to address this transition. “Dreams, Visions, Callings” is what we’ll be exploring each Sunday through mid-February, as we tell the stories of the Magi who listened to their dreams and a modern day prophet named Martin who pronounced his own, and as we dare to think about what dreams, visions, or callings might be rising to the surface in our own lives.

In the stillness of mid-winter, during these darkest evenings of the year, we are urged to listen. Listen for that word or phrase that might become your mantra. Listen to that inchoate longing you have to bring change. Listen to what doesn’t make sense, or seem possible, yet. Listen for everything you might be called to bring to the world in 2024.

With love,
Nate & Kit

PS – Kit was overjoyed to see many of you on Pageant Sunday and at the family Christmas Eve service! She looks forward to returning from parental leave at the end of January.

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