One of the worst health crises of our times has severely restricted our activities, which at the same time has given us the opportunity to reflect on some issues which have long weighed heavily on our minds.

It is a sad reflection on a number of our leading personages, that their actions and behavior is frequently, and often exclusively, driven by their ego.  We cannot be blind to their sheer arrogance and lack of understanding of people’s sensitivities, as they promulgate their own selfish views on our citizenry:  though many of us try, but with little effect, to resist:  our pleas are falling on deaf ears.  We indeed must acknowledge that our collective wellness is under siege while we attempt to search for an appropriate response.

All human endeavor has to start with the individual, from whence it radiates outward, persuading naysayers and bystanders to work in collaboration toward the common good.  To quote from Ecclesiastes:  “there is a time to be silent and a time to speak”.  Let us pray that we may have the wisdom, the fortitude, and the courage to act:  to overcome and conquer selfishness with selflessness and thereby reaffirm our own true humanity.


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