This Sunday, September 6th at 10am is our Labor Day service and marks the last official service of the summer! Melinda Bruno-Smith will lead our Labor Day inspired service.

Speaking of inspired service… I’d like to take a moment to thank the Deacons for an incredible summer of worship and community. Each service brought something fresh, something enlightening, something uplifting. At a time when spiritual nourishment is so needed, this was truly a gift to us all. Thank you to all the worship planners and presenters!

Following the service, let’s all head into the coffee-hour chat rooms – so we can mix and mingle as a community. There will be plenty of time for our RE Check-ins in the coming church year.

NEXT SUNDAY is our IN-GATHERING service. We alternate between water and rocks… last year was water, so this year ROCKS! (see what I did there?)
Between now and September 13th, please look around for an interesting rock you may like to be “your rock” for the in-gathering service. It can be any color, shape or size; and it can come from anywhere… a place you vacationed or your garden or from a walk.

RE families who were registered last year will be receiving a little care kit that will include a smooth rock which can be painted (paint pens or acrylic paint kits available at Something Special 781-259-0544 and online).

Once you’ve chosen a rock, please find a time to place it on the steps of the church. Here, we will gather… our rocks together. Side by side. Together. We hope some rocks may be placed before the service on the 13th and any after.

If you are Zooming in from a distance (out of state, out of country), if you are concerned about COVID exposure, or if you are challenged in any other way and would like a rock placed on your behalf, please let me know and a volunteer family will find and place a rock for you, or will pick-up your rock and place it for you.

Weekly Prayer for Bedtime – a song prayer for Labor Day; adapted from an early 20th century work song

Oh we are tired from working,
And we are tired from play.
It’s time now we were sleeping,
God bless me on my way.
(lyrics adapted from “Eight Hour Day”)

Pete Seeger. My earliest musical memories are of his songs. My parents are old Folkies and we attended coffee houses in church basements and cafes. When we lived in the Albany area, we were lucky to have been in the same room with Pete a few times… an honor I didn’t fully understand then, and now treasure.

The song “Eight Hour Day” was part of the working-class movement of the early 1900s and one Pete sang as part of that anthology of music. As workers began asserting their rights in the new industrial age, they lobbied for better working conditions – including a five or six day work week and a reasonable length of work day.

I have adapted the lyrics to fit the spirit of our prayers for bedtime. Here is a link to Pete singing the 1900s version.


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