Jean Wood Preston Grants Announced
By: Ralph Smith

Over 40 years ago a generous member of our congregation made a donation to First Parish in Lincoln to provide support for charitable causes both she and First Parish believed in.  To qualify the core mission of the organization must be to provide services or advocacy consistent with the original gift, for example; affordable housing, enrichment programs for youth, health and human services, social justice, disaster relief, protecting our natural environment.  Since it’s inception the original bequest has provided support to dozens of worthy organizations.

The Outreach Committee is pleased to announce the 2022 recipients:

Boston Area Gleaners  – Farm Equipment

An organization dedicated to meeting the mounting challenge of food security by harvesting surplus farm crops.  First supported with a Preston grant in 2015 when they were a small organization based in a Waltham storefront.  They have grown their mission and in 2022 purchased a farm in Acton which will provide a substantial increase in the quantity of food they donate.  This grant will provide new equipment for the farm.

South Sudanese Enrichment for Families – Educational Support Program for Children

Founded in 2000 by Susan Winship, a member of First Parish in Lincoln, in response to the needs of the Lost Boys of Sudan.  The organization has grown to support the emotional and educational needs of a significant immigrant and first-generation population.  This program will support immigrant families as they navigate the educational system from elementary school to college applications.

Gaining Ground – Farm Produce Washing Station

Founded in 1990 Gaining Ground operates an organic farm in Concord dedicated to providing high quality produce for people with food insecurity.  Over 130,000 pounds of produce is grown and donated in support of fifteen hunger relief organizations.  This grant provides new equipment in support of their farming improvements so they can continue to expand production.

Open Table – Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Training


Based in Maynard and dedicated to providing a wide variety of healthy and culturally appropriate groceries and prepared meals.  The services are provided at their main facility in Maynard as well as through several mobile pantries and delivery programs.  This project will provide training to their board, staff, and volunteers so they will be better equipped to understand and help the population they serve.

Total Preston Grants 2022: $64,982

More detailed information about the organizations can be found on their websites.

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