Faith in Action Groups

FPL’s Faith in Action groups (FIATS) provide opportunities to serve and promote justice. To volunteer, or for more information, contact Outreach Committee Chair Larry Buell at

Featured Outreach News

The Deliverers

From May to October First Parish volunteers shoulder responsibility for weekly deliveries of fresh produce from Drumlin Farm to Open Table’s food pantry in Maynard.  In 2018 FPL’s Bill Stason singlehandedly launched the newest of our church’s Faith in Action groups, which now boasts more than half a dozen hardy souls.  If you’re willing to lend a hand, please contact the Outreach Committee at

The Parish Garden

The Parish Garden brings FPL members together to create a nurturing space for growing both nutritious food and connections to one another and the living earth. It’s an organic garden located in an inviting spot behind the Parish House where together we raise hundreds of pounds of produce every year for local food pantries.  Join us!  No experience necessary.  Contact Heather Ring.

FPL Green

FPL’s newest and largest FIAT is a group of two dozen members deeply concerned about the climate crisis and dedicated to doing something about it. Its motto encapsulates its mission: Green Church, Green Lives, Green World. In each area FPL Green develops specific initiatives carried out by the group. Recent achievements include installing solar panels on the Parish House and promoting programs for FPL members to switch to electric vehicles and renewable wind power. FPL Green meets the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30 pm in the Stearns Room. Contact Tom Walker (

CLICK HERE to learn more about FPL Green.

Family Furnishers

For more than a decade, the Family Furnishers have been supplying household goods to needy families moving into homes in Dorchester and Roxbury.