The chambers of the nautilus shell are symbolic
of our congregation’s journey to call a new settled minister. 
 A familiar emblem of expansion and renewal,
the nautilus reflects our commitment to growth and change.

The chambers of the nautilus shell are symbolic of our congregation’s journey to call a new settled minister. 
 A familiar emblem of expansion and renewal, the nautilus reflects our commitment to growth and change.


Ministerial Search

The First Parish in Lincoln is on a sacred journey to find a new settled minister. 
We hope to call a spiritual leader in Spring of 2022, and their ministry will begin in August 2022.


Ministerial Search Timeline

We’re working hard to keep you updated. Check back to learn about our Ministerial Search Timeline soon!

Introducing First Parish in Lincoln

Denominational Affiliations

First Parish in Lincoln is affiliated with both the UUA and the UCC. We will be pleased to consider applicants through either denomination, and we also welcome letters of interest from ordained ministers who are not currently affiliated with either denomination or not presently serving in a pastoral position. Links to our UCC Church Profile should be posted here by late October, and our UUA Congregational Record will be posted by December 1st. Since we don’t fit neatly into any denomination, we ask that all candidates include 2-3 paragraphs describing why they are particularly interested in serving First Parish in Lincoln. 

The Search Committee


This Moment in Our History

The First Parish in Lincoln, formed by the union of two neighboring churches (Congregational and Unitarian) in 1942, enjoys a long history intertwined with the history of the town itself. At this moment, we are poised to welcome a new settled minister and eager to move into our next chapter of impact and growth. We yearn to deepen our connection to our local communities and expand our reach to serve more diverse communities.

The relatively brief tenure of our last settled minister, combined with events in our community and the wider world, have catalyzed self-reflection and a renewed sense of purpose and engagement. During the four-year Interim Ministry of the Reverend Jenny Rankin (extended due to COVID), a lay-led Transition Team has facilitated an exploration and restatement of our Values, Mission & Vision. The Racial Justice Advocates are now facilitating a year-long Racial Justice Journey for our whole congregation, and our FPL Green Committee has been engaging our parishioners in projects to address climate change. A recently formed Strategic Planning Committee is facilitating the development of a long range Strategic Plan.

COVID brought us the opportunity to innovate and in many ways brought us closer together as a community; Zoom services widened our community by drawing former members back to our worship services and other events. We look forward to welcoming a new minister who can encourage and lead our continued learning, growth and impact. For this search, we have adopted the symbol of a nautilus to reflect our commitment to renewal. Read more about the nautilus here.

Important Documents

Important documents will be linked here as our work progresses.