Job Opening

The First Parish in Lincoln
Congregational Administrator
Job Description

To Apply: Please submit a letter of interest and a resume to the Personnel Committee by email ( or by mail to P.O. Box 6218, Lincoln MA  01773-6218.  The position will remain open until a suitable candidate is found. 


The Congregational Administrator serves as the center of communication for all aspects of church operation, and as manager of the church office.

Often the first point of contact for those in crisis, the Congregational Administrator possesses maturity, wisdom, and judgment and responds with appropriate priority, sensitivity and discretion.

As a mid-sized church with limited staffing resources, the existing staff are often called upon to fulfill multiple roles within their job duties.  Therefore, the Congregational Administrator must possess the ability to prioritize and manage multiple projects simultaneously.   

Responsible for overseeing a variety of publications, the Congregational Administrator has good command of language, editorial and grammatical style and knowledge of applicable computer software. 

Although the Congregational Administrator reports to the Senior Minister, she/he essentially serves without routine supervision. It is expected that the Congregational Administrator will establish daily office hours Monday through Friday, allowing some flexibility for the needs of the moment.


As part of their regular duties, the Congregational Administrator will be required to fulfill the following roles:

General Administrative

  • As the first to welcome and greet those new to FPL, be an open, inviting and welcoming presence, an “ambassador” for FPL in the community.
  • Attends weekly all-staff and one-on-one supervisory meetings
  • Provide administrative support to the Senior Minister, including setting up and arranging for supplies and refreshments for meetings, basic research, copies, registering for conferences, making purchases.
  • Develops and oversees an annual Administrative Budget.
  • Collects and distributes all incoming mail and receives and responds to individual and generic email.
  • Recommends administrative policy changes to the Congregational Committee as needed.
  • Attends monthly Parish Committee meetings in the role of informational resource
  • Maintains an adequate supply of general office items for routine business operations.

Community Outreach and Communication

  • Gathering information from staff and volunteers to produce the weekly Order of Service.
  • Working with the Deacons to produce and distribute the Lenten Booklet.
  • Gathering committee reports and information and producing the Annual Report.
  • Help to increase use of church facilities, either for rent or for free, by community partners, non-profits and others.
  • Develop strategies to bring more visitors to the buildings with an eye to increasing knowledge of FPL and possible new members.
  • Work in collaboration with the Community Engagement Coordinator, as an entrepreneurial thinker with an entrepreneurial spirit to help bring to PC/minister new ideas, new innovations, new programs

Database Management

  • Maintains records of all church members and friends in the Church Windows program.
  • Using the database, produces lists, envelopes and labels as necessary for staff and committees.



  • Posts all income in the accounting program; preparing and making bank deposits.
  • Prepares bi-annual pledge statements and annual tax receipt statements for donors.
  • Prepares and mails acknowledgement cards to small amount memorial fund donors.
  • Assists members wishing to make stock donations.


  • Reviews invoices and check requests for accuracy, compares expenses to budget, codes with budget lines, and submits to accounting firm bi-weekly.
  • Prints checks, reviewing for accuracy, and prepares for Treasurer to sign and mail.


  • Sets up and maintains employee payroll records in accounting system.
  • Reviews time sheets and compiles bi-weekly payroll spreadsheet for accounting firm.
  • Reviews payroll entries for accuracy, processes direct deposits, and prints consultants’ checks for treasurer to sign and mail.
  • Submits all bi-weekly federal and monthly state tax deposits.
  • Prepares and submits all year-end tax documents to the IRS and DOR.
  • Prepares and distributes W-2’s and 1099’s.

  Fundraising Support:

  • Creates master stewardship list for each campaign by pulling donor information from database.
  • Sets up the historical pledge tracking spreadsheet to collect data for each annual campaign.
  • Throughout each campaign, reviews and enters pledges into both the accounting system and the historical tracking spreadsheet and provides weekly statistical reports to the Treasurer and Generous Giving Committee.

  General Financial:

  • Makes monthly reconciliation entries of Investment Funds gains/losses, and submits necessary transfer requests to the investment firm. 
  • Works with accounting firm to reconcile all accounts on a monthly basis.
  • Provides monthly financial statements to the Treasurer and Finance Committee.
  • Monitors Expense vs Budget status and alerts Treasurer to any issues.
  • Assists the Treasurer as needed to prepare and present annual budgets proposals.

Human Resources

  • Reviews employment paperwork with new employees to ensure all forms are completed correctly.
  • Provides a tour of the facilities and an orientation on general practices, equipment, etc.
  • Runs Criminal Offense Record Investigations (CORI) through the MA on-line processing site.

Information Technology/Systems

  • Oversees the purchase and maintenance of the church-owned desktop PCs.
  • Works with IT Contractor to sets up church e-mail accounts through the web server.
  • Oversees and programs the church’s telephone system.
  • Oversees the operation, maintenance and repair of the wireless internet network.


  • Serves as staff liaison to the Facilities Committee, meeting as needed to discuss and plan building repairs and improvements.
  • Serves as primary contact for building tradesmen around scheduling, gathering insurance documentation, and invoice processing and payment.
  • Oversees routine building contractors (building maintenance, cleaning, snow removal).
  • Assists with development and oversight of annual Facilities Operating Budget

Rental/Building Use

  • Maintaining the Master Calendar of all building usage.
  • Managing all space reservations from church committees, groups and staff.
  • Represents the church in negotiations for short-term space rentals by outside groups and organizations, ensuring all paperwork is completed and fees are paid.  As necessary, the Congregational Administrator also communicates with the Parish Committee or Executive Committee regarding any special rental requests.
  • Serves as a liaison between the long-term tenants and the church staff and committees.
  • Recommends rental policy changes to the Parish Committee as needed.

Office Equipment

  • Identifies the need for, researches and purchases office equipment.
  • Setting up and putting into operation all new office equipment and training staff on its operation.
  • Arranging for repairs of all office equipment.

Type of Position, Hours and Related Benefits:

The Congregational Administrator works 40 hours per week with at least 35 hours per week on-site, and is available as needed for evening meetings.  He/she will establish regular office hours five days per week, Monday through Friday. This is a full-time, salaried position for purposes of benefits that are available in accordance with the Personnel Policy Handbook. 

Time Off:

The Congregational Administrator has fifteen (15) days paid vacation during the church year, which must be taken at times that do not interfere with any publication schedules.  Paid holidays, sick leave, personal time and other leave times are given in accordance with the Personnel Policy Handbook.

Responsible to:

The Congregational Administrator reports to the Senior Minister.