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From the film’s UUA Resource Guide:

Traces of the Trade: A Story from the Deep North chronicles the journey of nine descendants of the largest slave-trading family in the United States, as they probe the history of their New England ancestors and confront the contemporary legacies of slavery. The documentary follows producer/director Katrina Browne as she and her family travel to Rhode Island, Ghana, and Cuba to retrace the notorious Triangle Trade – and search for the hidden history of their family, the region, and the nation. Though contemporary Americans commonly hold the South solely responsible for slavery, Traces of the Trade exposes New England’s deep involvement in the slave trade and shows how slavery was a cornerstone of the region’s commercial life. Together with the DeWolf family descendants, viewers will have the opportunity to grapple with the history and modern consequences of slavery, the corrosive role of silence in contemporary conversations about race, issues of white privilege and guilt, and questions of response, repair, and reparations. For more information about the film, please visit http://www.tracesofthetrade.org/.”

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