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Join Sarah K and the Racial Justice Advocates for a special screening of The Law and the Prophets (2023), a compelling and thorough documentary exposing the systems of oppression that Palestinians face in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Israel. This film features interviews with 8 brave individuals, both Palestinian and Israeli, who explain the laws and policies of the occupation. On her recent solidarity trip to the West Bank, Sarah met four of these modern prophets.

After the screening, we will be joined via Zoom by the filmmaker, Rev. Dr. Joshua Vis, and Rev. Chris DeBlaay. Josh and Chris are peace activists working to educate Americans on the realities of the occupation of Palestine. They lead tours to the region and, along with Sarah, were part of the 23-member delegation that traveled to the West Bank and East Jerusalem in late February. They will present material connected to their recent visit to the West Bank as well as insights from historians, activists, and other thought leaders.

Film Endorsement from Lara Friedman, Executive Director of Foundation for Middle East Peace
The Law and the Prophets shines a bright light on realities of the Palestinian experience – past and present – that are rarely addressed and even more rarely centered in the public discourse around Israel-Palestine: Israel’s ongoing dispossession, dehumanization, and denial of rights of Palestinians on both sides of the Green Line, the lack of accountability imposed on Israel by the international community for its systematic violations of international law, and the emptiness of any talk of “peace” that doesn’t prioritize stopping these abuses and ending Israeli impunity.”

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