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Lincoln Green Energy Choice has arrived!

As you may have seen in one of the recent Town mailings, Lincoln Green Energy Choice is the name of the Town’s electricity aggregation program. “Aggregating electricity” is essentially a way to buy electricity in bulk at a better rate than any of us could get buying individually (like we do now). The Town has taken the total amount of electricity used by the residents of Lincoln and solicited bids from electricity suppliers to provide our total (aggregated) need. We will each pay our own electric bill from Eversource, but we all benefit from the bulk purchase.

One of the benefits of Lincoln’s Green Energy Choice is that it makes our electricity supply “greener.” By negotiating on behalf of all the residents of Lincoln, the Town was able to increase the amount of green electricity (i.e., wind, solar) we use from 18% to 45% with no increase in cost. Each of us will be automatically enrolled in this exciting new program (unless you explicitly choose to opt out of the Town program).

Furthermore, as the name Green Energy Choice implies, the program offers us three green power choices. We can individually increase the amount of green power we receive (at a small upcharge) or decrease the amount of green energy we receive (at a small savings). While each of us will need to make the decision that is right for us individually, FPL-Green strongly encourages all who can to ”Opt Up” for the “Lincoln 100% Green” option.

The “greening” of the electricity grid is vitally important. Each person who chooses to use 100% green electricity is helping further reduce the climate effects of generating electricity with fossil fuels. And, with approx. more than 80%% of the electricity in the New England grid coming from nuclear and fossil fuels, we have a long way to go. But Green Energy Choice in Lincoln is a great step in the right direction.

Learn more about how the new Green Energy Choice program works as well as the impact that using more green energy has on our climate, jobs, and social justice, by joining a zoom meeting sponsored by FPL Green on February 7th at 4:00pm. Here’s the link:

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 291 032 6462
Passcode: 019034

Or, for more information on Lincoln’s Green Energy Choice program, go to: www.LincolnGreenEnergyChoice.com.

Go Green!

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