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“I’m spiritual not religious,” people like to say, and I get that.  But sometimes the word “spiritual” seems so abstract. Ephemeral. Floaty. Airy.  I wonder what it is we mean when we say that word.  Somewhere down through the centuries, one camp of Christian theologians thought it made sense to split up “spirit” from “body,” the “spiritual” from the “physical,” the “sacred” from the “profane.”  You get the point.

But what if our notion of spirituality included something more “hands on?”  What if it were possible to nourish my spiritual life by making something with my hands?  A set of wooden shelves, a loaf of bread, a quilt.  Or what if “spiritual practice” wasn’t just prayer or meditation but what I do when I pick up my violin or practice the piano?  What if “spirituality” included things like walking, skating, skiing?  Picking up a paintbrush, a fishing rod, a hoe?  All of these are things we do or make or play.  We use our bodies.  Sometimes, we’re outside.  They’re part of everyday life.  And, they bring us joy.

Teilhard de Chardin, a French paleontologist (and Jesuit priest), once said that joy was “an infallible sign of God’s presence.”  Sometimes, joy feels like a deep current in our lives.  Other times, it feels completely out of reach.  This Sunday, we’ll be exploring “hands-on spirituality.”  Sometimes, it can be a path that leads us back to joy.

Worship Leader:  Rev. Jenny Rankin
Deacon of month:  Tom Risser
Acting Music Director:  Miranda Loud

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