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From Variety: “Raoul Peck’s ‘I am not Your Negro’ is the rare movie that might be called a spiritual documentary. It’s a meditation on the prophetic brilliance and the very being of James Baldwin, the African American writer who was more than a ‘great thinker’ on race — he was the prose-poet of our injustice and inhumanity (and our humanity, too.)”

From the NYT: “‘I Am Not Your Negro” is a thrilling introduction to his work, a remedial course in American history, and an advanced seminar in racial politics — a concise, roughly 90-minute movie with the scope and impact of a 10-hour mini-series or a literary doorstop. It is not an easy or a consoling movie, but it is the opposite of bitter or despairing. ‘I can’t be a pessimist because I’m alive,’ Baldwin said. ‘I’m forced to be an optimist.'”

The movie lasts 90 minutes, and we will have a half hour discussion afterwards.  Hope you will join us!!

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