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Rally Sunday, with Dixieland Jazz Quartet. “Drawing New Circles” Rev. Kit Novotny preaches.

Circle ’round, everyone! Come draw new circles of welcome (maybe invite a friend or two!) as we celebrate our annual fall homecoming “Rally Sunday” complete with special music from Dan Gabel’s Dixieland Jazz Quartet. We’ll rally around the church and one another, as we dwell on encouraging words on the importance of faith community (from Hebrews 10:19-25) and selections from Ralph Waldo Emerson’s poetic essay, “Circles,” which imagines God (by way of Augustine) as “a circle whose center is everywhere, and its circumference nowhere.”

Stick around for a festive Coffee Hour complete with a photo booth, face painting, popcorn, donuts & other treats! Please bring a fall treat to share (you can drop off any coffee hour contributions in the Stearns Room before the service – thank you for labelling any plates).

Worship with us Online:

Our online worship service will be held on a new platform called Altar Live. To join simply click the link above, and click the event. You will then be able to view the livestream anonymously, or take the next step by signing in to use the chat feature, seat yourself in a virtual row to see some of your fellow attendees, and participate in a post worship coffee hour in the virtual lobby.

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