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Monday, May 1, 7:30-9pm
Led by Rev. Kit Novotny, First Parish in Lincoln Co-Minister

Monday, May 22, 7:30-9pm
Co-led by Rev. Nate Klug, First Parish Co-Minister,
and Lora Venesy, Acting Religious Exploration Director

On two Monday evenings this May, leaders from the First Parish in Lincoln will host a series of pilot “Conversations on Tap” gatherings over drinks and snacks at The Tack Room (145 Lincoln Rd.), focused on supporting and connecting parents in the Lincoln (and nearby) community around meaningful conversations. Open to the wider community – all spiritual backgrounds (and none) very welcome!

The first gathering (May 1) will be geared towards parents of toddler and school-aged kids. Our conversation topic is “When kids ask tough questions,” sharing stories and wisdom the big, ultimate questions our kids grapple with from a young age, anything from: Why do we die, and what happens when we die? To What’s the future of our planet? Why is there injustice, racism? Where do babies come from? Is God real? We’ll reflect on our role as parents in accompanying big emotions and navigating our own uncertainties, values, and discomfort. You’re invited to bring your own kids’ recent tough questions for us to crowdsource and reflect on together!

The second gathering (May 22) will be geared towards parents of older kids, teens and young adults, around the topic of “Launching kids & letting go.” We’ll dwell together on that tender (sometimes abrupt, sometimes extended) threshold of launching teens and adult children to college and/or next life chapters, and the various challenges and joys that go along with this monumental shift. All are welcome, including parents of current high schoolers, as well as parents of young adults continuing to navigate the push-pull of connection and independence.

Stay tuned for future opportunities for local parents to reflect and connect together in Fall 2023.

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