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Since ancient times, the end of October has been recognized as a sacred and hallowed time. Ancient peoples believed in the “thinning of the veil” as the earth turned towards winter, and that it was possible to communicate with those who had gone before.
This Sunday, we’ll explore and celebrate All Hallow’s Eve (Halloween), Samhain, All Saints and All Souls, drawing wisdom from different religious traditions, honoring our ancestors, and marking the turning of the seasons as the dark begins to draw down and we move towards winter.
You are invited to bring with you a photograph of someone you love who has died. You are also invited to don a Halloween costume (Kids and grownups alike!)
If the weather cooperates, we’ll have a fully outdoor worship, with chairs in the round and altar in the middle, next to the sanctuary. If it turns rainy, we’ll move worship and RE indoors.
Worship leaders: Rev. Jenny Rankin and Sarah Klockowski
Deacon of the month: Doug Crosby
We thank all of our deacons, staff and other lay leaders who have helped to make this worship possible. We’ll wear masks, observe social distancing and there will be no congregational singing.

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