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“I shall become the chronicler of our adventures,” wrote Etty Hillesum, a 27 year old Dutch woman living in Amsterdam in 1941, as the Nazi storm gathered around her.  “I shall forge them into a new language… and find the words that bear witness where witness needs to be borne.”  As unknown as Anne Frank is famous, Etty Hillesum has written a spiritual autobiography that holds a special place on my bookshelf.  She helps me to understand what it was for her to have an “inner life.” She shows us a young woman wrestling to find a faith that will ground her as the world unravels before her eyes and all that she holds dear is threatened.

This week, we observe Holocaust Remembrance Day, and recognize the rise of anti-semitism, neo-Nazism and “Holocaust deniers” in America and Europe.  We’ll listen to the voice of a young woman who speaks to us out of the fire, she is struggling to find her footing and find a faith that will renew her strength.  Hillesum wrote in her diary that she wanted to become “the thinking heart of the barracks,” and her letters from the transit camp, Westerbork, reveal she did just that.

Worship Leader:  Rev. Jenny Rankin
Deacon of month:  Deanna Elineema
Lay Leader: Ken Hurd

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