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Sweeter Than Honey

If you listen closely, you will hear them, buzzing out of their winter hives searching out nectar in spring’s earliest blooms. They build new stores of honey. The queen increases her egg laying. The hive prepares for the next years’ growth.

Honeybees work in complex communities to create the sweet liquid we stir into tea, drizzle on toast, or lick from sticky fingers. Through many seemingly small contributions (the average honeybee produces only 1/12 of a teaspoon in their lifetime), a thriving hive can produce sixty pounds of honey per year. This annual production requires over 2.4 million miles flown on wings that beat 230 times per second.

At FPL, spring is the time we also prepare for our next year of growth. We draft plans for staffing and programming. Since we are a self-sustaining church, all of us help fund our future. Our operating expenses (staff salaries and benefits; upkeep of space for worship, religious exploration, small groups, and community gatherings; music, heat, lights, technology, etc.) are funded through this stewardship campaign. Our FY 2025 draft budget maintains current programs and staffing and requires $550,000 in stewardship contributions. Please pledge to the “Sweeter than Honey” Stewardship Campaign.

Just as a thriving hive depends on the collaboration of many honeybees, contributions from all of us are needed to make FPL buzz with activity and hope. This year, we hope to increase stewardship participation by 10%, reaching 200 pledges. The average pledge last  year was just over $3,000. The pledge you make will be influenced by your level of engagement, household size, and financial resources. See guidance here. No pledge is too small. No pledge is too large.

FPL nourishes our hungry spirits, and brings kindness, compassion, and action for justice into the wider world. Similarly, honeybees do much more than produce honey. While they fly from flower to flower, they are pollinating our food supply. One in every three bites of food we eat depends on bee pollination. Without bees, we’d lose apples, melons, cranberries, pumpkins, squash, broccoli, almonds, and more.  What would we lose without FPL in our lives?

Please pledge to the “Sweeter than Honey” Campaign by May 10. Your pledge is a promise to support FPL over the next fiscal year (July 2024 – June 2025). You can pay it quarterly, monthly, weekly, or all at once. Together, we are building a vibrant hive, a thriving community. Please give as generously as you can. Generosity is even sweeter than honey.

First Parish in Lincoln FY 2024-2025 Draft Budget*

Generosity and the First Parish in Lincoln

We are a self-sustaining community and our generosity makes our spiritual community possible. Our activities are funded through stewardship, rental income and draws from our Endowment funds.

Our fiscal year runs from July 1 – June 30, and we launch our annual stewardship campaign in March.

Please consider including First Parish in Lincoln in your estate planning. Bequests are an opportunity to sustain our spiritual community into the future. If you have questions or would like additional information, please email If you would like to make a pledge to support the current year’s operations, please email Silvia Dieckow, Parish Administrator, at