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Stone Soup

You know the Stone Soup tale. A hungry traveler arrives in a village seeking a place to rest and a bit of nourishment. The townspeople, tired and hungry themselves, shoo him away. He promises to make soup from a stone. It seems preposterous, but eventually the villagers stop worrying about how little they have and focus on what they can contribute. They discover abundance where they’d seen only scarcity. The pot overflows with potatoes, onions, beans, beef, carrots, herbs, and on and on.

Nourishing, plentiful, and co-created in community, “Stone Soup” is like First Parish in Lincoln. Day in and day out, FPL is the spiritual soup that feeds our souls, quenches our thirst for belonging, and gives us the strength to seek and serve. FPL is bubbling with inspiring Sunday worship, lively fellowship, action-oriented racial justice, spiritual discernment, growing numbers of youth, green initiatives, and pastoral care. Theology is on tap, poetry is on ZOOM, transcendentalist meditations are running through our minds and on our trails. Joy is everywhere.

But just like Stone Soup, FPL depends on generosity. Generosity with time: showing up to worship, grieve, and celebrate together. Generosity with our talents: singing, leading, teaching, baking, praying, telling stories, offering compassion. Generosity with our “treasure”: aligning our financial resources with our passion, commitment, and deepest longings. We live in a culture that tells us we don’t have enough time, talent, or money. There is so much more joy when we share it.

As a self-sustaining church, FPL depends on you to fund our operating expenses. Stewardship pays for our staff salaries and benefits; maintains spaces for worship, religious exploration, community gatherings, and small groups; and funds light, heat, insurance, and technology.

This Stewardship season let’s increase pledge participation by 12% and raise $515,000. This will not only provide cost of living increases for our staff, but also increase their compensation levels commensurate with the caliber and impact of their work.

Please pledge by May 4. Your pledge is a promise to support FPL over the next fiscal year (July 2023 – June 2024). You can pay it quarterly, monthly, weekly, or all at once. You can set up pledge payment here. See these (GIVING GUIDELINES) for questions to help you discern what pledge is right for you.

Our time, talent, and treasure have no value until we share them. Let’s put the soup kettle on.

First Parish in Lincoln FY 2023-2024 Draft Budget*

Generosity and the First Parish in Lincoln

We are a self-sustaining community and our generosity makes our spiritual community possible. Our activities are funded through stewardship, rental income and draws from our Endowment funds.

Our fiscal year runs from July 1 – June 30, and we launch our annual stewardship campaign in March.

Please consider including First Parish in Lincoln in your estate planning. Bequests are an opportunity to sustain our spiritual community into the future. If you have questions or would like additional information, please email If you would like to make a pledge to support the current year’s operations, please email Silvia Dieckow, Parish Administrator, at