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First Parish in Lincoln
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First Parish in Lincoln Stewardship Campaign

Fiscal Year 2021-2022

Fresh from the oven, the crusty round loaf fills the kitchen with the aroma of holidays and family and simplicity and love. Inhale deeply. Does it take you to Grandma’s holiday table? A favorite weekend brunch spot?  A bakery in Paris? Or to your mid-COVID kitchen where, like me, you were soothing your fears by baking (and eating) loaf after loaf of sourdough bread?

Making sourdough is an ancient practice. Flour and water ferment in a warm environment to become the sourdough “starter” – with wild yeast that makes bread rise and smell so good. Each nourishing loaf uses just a bit, then the starter is replenished with more flour and water. With the right balance of ingredients, warmth, and patience, a starter can thrive for hundreds of years.

Like this community.

For generations, we have come with faith, generosity, service, and love. We have built and sustained the “starter” that sparks our passion, nourishes our spirits, and feeds our souls.

First Parish in Lincoln.

This spiritual “starter” is cultivated by exceptional staff, kept warm in beautiful buildings (steadfastly awaiting our return), and stirred by music, sermons, education, and outreach. When we add our gifts to the starter, we create meaning, connection, and hope. We build strength to do good in the world.

Just as the starter in my kitchen needs regular additions of flour and water, FPL needs money and engagement, year in and year out, to thrive. The annual Stewardship Campaign is an invitation to shape the future of this community. Every handful of flour, large or small, strengthens and flavors my sourdough starter. Every pledge sustains our community and shapes our future.

This year, we seek pledges of $480,000.  Each pledge is a promise to support FPL over the next fiscal year (July 2021 – June 2022). You do not need to pay it all at once. Please consider how you can make a monthly or quarterly contribution to sustain the cherished community that nourishes you.

FPL is the wild yeast that helps us rise, no matter who we are, where we are, where we go, or how often we participate. It connects us to the sacred and to one another. Encourages our spiritual growth. Amplifies our inclination to serve. Reminds us to stop, breathe, pray. Light a candle. Give thanks.

May we make good bread together. May we feed this community that in turn feeds us. And may we break bread together in person soon.  Please pledge by May 10 using the “PLEDGE NOW” button.


Generosity and the First Parish in Lincoln

We are a self-sustaining community and our generosity makes our spiritual community possible. Our activities are funded through stewardship, rental income and draws from our Endowment funds.

Our fiscal year runs from July 1 – June 30, and we launch our annual stewardship campaign in March.

Please consider including First Parish in Lincoln in your estate planning. Bequests are an opportunity to sustain our spiritual community into the future. If you have questions or would like additional information, please email