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FY 2021 Stewardship Campaign

In the spring of 2020, we are a community working together through a transition, invested in today, and investing in tomorrow. We are like wild geese migrating high in the blue sky. We may not start in the same place, we may not land in exactly the same field. But we recognize the power gained in flying together. When we fly in a “team” or “skein” or “wedge”, we use the updraft of the birds in front of us. We take turns as lead.

Revenue Sources

We are a self-sustaining community. Our activities are funded through stewardship, rental income and draws from our Endowment funds. Next year, stewardship must play a bigger role in funding our operations as we implement policies to ensure financial sustainability.

While we associate costs with people and facilities, what our hearts long for – and what our spirits connect to – is the spiritual community that challenges us, nourishes us and sustains us. Our generosity pays for the staff and space and programming that makes our spiritual community possible.

Let’s Fly Away…

Giving to the church is a spiritual practice. The amount is best determined by your heart and your capacity. As you contemplate how much to pledge, consider how geese take turns shouldering the mantle of leadership. Is it your time to step to the front, to exert more effort given your capacity and engagement? Or is this a time when you need to rely on the updraft created by your community members? Consider too how belonging to this community, engaging in service and worship and learning together, enriches you in all the migrations – joyful and challenging – of your life.

How much Should I pledge?

To achieve our Stewardship Goal of $440,000, we need everyone to give generously. “Generosity” is personal, determined by your means and your engagement. Last year, the average pledge was $2,300. This year, we hope to receive 184 pledges including 10 first-time pledgers, and to maintain or increase the average pledge amount.

The best pledge is one that feels meaningful to you. All we need now is your pledge. Payment is due by June 30, 2021. Please use the button below to make your pledge by May 10, 2020.

Email with any questions about stewardship at First Parish.